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About your Photographer

Making my client’s happy by producing the best images I can has always been my goal.

Weddings, Corporate shoots or any form of portraiture, I try my very best to achieve a result that leaves a lasting impression.

Whatever you have in mind for your wedding day, Adrian Vaughan from Hotshot Images can help capture your wedding day with unforgettable images.

Hotshot Images is the photography arm of Noisebox Productions, Wangaratta’s only broadcast capable television production provider, who truly has the edge when it comes to producing unique and professional wedding photos & video.

Involved in the television industry for almost 30 years, I have provided photographic services for two decades now, and these years of experience have left me well versed in the visual arts to able to create truly individual images.
I have photographed weddings and completed commercial assignments locally, nationally and internationally.

“My approach to wedding photography was tailored to suit each individual couple.
Meeting with you is essential, as a good chat helps me figure out their personalities, and of course what kind of images you are after, which makes shooting on the day much easier for everybody.”

“No wedding is the same and I really enjoy getting the best out of them for their special day, but the key is to make it fun for all involved.”

“During the big day, my job is thinking five moves ahead and can see and put out a lot of spot fires before they come an issue, and I’ve seen my fair share of blazes!
So realistically, your photographer is the most experienced when it comes to weddings, as we are usually there from start to finish. So never underestimate our knowledge to assist you throughout the day. That’s what I’m here for.”

Producing videos and broadcast television programs means that clients receive truly watchable and professional wedding videos that people will actually want to watch, with a ‘less is more’ approach to the editing process. That’s were his industry experience really shows through.

“I supply all images taken at each wedding back to my customers, with no personal use limitations on their reproduction.”

Specific images are enhanced, resized or put through different post-production processes to create images that leave a lasting impression.

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