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Handy Wedding Hints

Photography & Planning Hints for Brides

These tips are based on my real life wedding experiences, which I’ve boiled down some hints when planning your photography, and if I may be so bold to suggest, even some elements of your wedding day itself.
There are no details of what triggered these hints, but you can read between the lines as to what my hints may help you avoid.
As you can appreciate, I’ve been to a few weddings, and have been able to see what works, and what may be able to help you in making some planning decisions.

Your Photographer:

Meet with the guy or girl who has to make you look brilliant in pictures!
Not only is it an icebreaker, it gives us a chance to understand where you’re coming from, the unique things about you and your special day, any clues to help us put together a great result.
DO have photography samples from bridal magazines if you like, but read below!


The picture you saw in a bridal magazine with the Eiffel Tower in the background is simply not achievable in Albury.
That colour of the water on that beach in the Greek islands can’t exactly be duplicated on Port Phillip Bay…
We have to do the best we can with the locations presented to us…
But don’t be afraid to show me ideas, and we’ll see how we can make your version of an idea. But don’t panic, I usually have quite a few…

Time & Light:

Both are everything to create good images!
Please give the photographer at least 2 hours shooting time with you and the bridal party (and that’s after all the family shots) preferably before dusk!
Late arvo is great for the warmer light, but dusk and dark makes for an unhappy result.

WINTER: Wedding planners please note. A 3pm ceremony then family shots etc will give you very very little time to get your portrait images, as the light is usually history around 4:30 – 5pm. And if you factor in travel to get location shots done, then it becomes a real problem. Modern digital cameras are pretty forgiving in lower light, but there is only so much we can do. An harsh flash photography isn’t the most pleasant.

SUMMER: An outdoor 2pm wedding in no shade in February is just asking trouble. Sunburnt bridal party, and running makeup on the sweating bride. Not pretty, not fun for anyone.
The good thing about daylight savings is you can run things much later, and people don’t really need to be seated to eat at 6:30pm in summer.


Some couples hire lovely cars, and why not! It’s nice to arrive and leave in style.
A: Make sure you book a car you can get in and out of!
B: Ask the owners if you can take it on a dirt road, if that’s where you found a nice location – Some won’t, so best ask prior to booking.
C: Convertibles are actually easier to shoot you in, but please don’t take that as a necessity, or indeed a preference.
D: Limo’s are very handy if they can take the entire bridal party, and the photographer can sit in the front with the driver. Really handy that!
(That means I don’t get lost trying to follow the bridal party around Adelaide after their limo ran a red light)


Don’t have your preferred locations an hours travel apart, (unless they’re on the way to the reception venue) otherwise there’s just no time to get the shots.
I know it’s not rocket science, but it happens…
Being a bride, you have probably planned this day since birth, so during your planning, do have a look around your ceremony area if you can, or if your getting married interstate or overseas, ask your venue(s) for location suggestions. The venues are usually quite clued up location ideas.
The internet can sometime help too.

The big one: Have alternative location ideas for bad weather!
Don’t be put off by bad weather, I’ve shot some fun stuff in storms!


Nothing worse than a passed out bride or bridesmaid. (I’ve had it happen)
They just don’t smile very well. So besides the esky full of beer and champers in the boot for the bridal party, please have water. And in summer, lots of it!!

My biggest tip…. Have someone else do your panicking for you on the day….

Wedding planners/organsiers take all the pressure off, but if funds are tight, have a trusted friend/sibling/relative take care of the day’s schedule for you… yep. let go of the reins…. Organise everything for your special day, have your lists, times etc, suppliers contacts on a nice list… but on your big day: Hand it over!!!
Let someone else put out the spot fires. This is your special day, so lose the worry and frowns affecting your make-up, and just enjoy it.
I cannot stress how big a difference having someone else check, arrange, ensure, avoid, time and assist you on the day makes.

I generally do it anyway and keep a close eye on times and, well…everything. So I’ll always have your back! 🙂

Finally, Don’t Panic. Everything always works out on the day!

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